Wedding Photography and Videography | Shutter Stories
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Shutter Stories Productions
Wedding Photography and Videography

We believe in capturing moments in life which are the most unpredictable and contain raw human expression. We believe in the power of photographs and videos to repeat life as we know it.

Our excessive reliance on photography and videography is shown in our passionate work. We are extremely passionate about taking pictures and making videos and we give everything we have got to capture the true essence of life in our work. Shutter Stories is the result of our undying affection and reliance on our camera to capture the essence of life and rewind us back into moments of happiness and ecstasy. We all know time waits for none; but how about making a time machine?

Our photographs and videos are like time portals for your life. Looking into our photographs, you will see life captured at the least expected moments. We challenge the basic norms of ongoing life by capturing moments which are as unpredictably beautiful as life! If you go through our gallery, you will see a number of pictures taken of moments which touch your heart. From an ongoing Skype call with your father to putting on the perfect winged eyeliner; we are ready to capture moments which remind you of your past memories. Our brand is much more than taking pictures; it is about capturing life and halting it at your favorite moment.