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Wedding Films

Wedding films have the power of halting time and rewinding into the special moments which have already passed. Our film page is dedicated to our sample film which has been presented for our customers. We want them to understand the significance of a wedding film and its ability to create magic. What could be more magical than the ability to travel back in time?

Our wedding videography and other videography have a philosophy behind them. They aren’t merely videos of your special moments; they are glimpses of your priceless moments. We strongly believe in capturing moments which are candid. Candid moments are best explained when captured through the lens of film. As film is a moving experience, it becomes a phenomenal sensation of what life is. Life offers the ability to capture it; why don’t we utilize it? Become our friends and let us capture your raw moments to the point of precision so you are able to relive priceless moments. Our excellent quality films present moments as they are being repeated in front of your eyes. While photographs have the same power, moving films have a higher power.

Our wedding videography and filming of other events is a mere depiction of what we believe life is. Our philosophy is magic; our abracadabra is our camera lens. Be our magical assistants and volunteers, and let us create something that has never been by this world before. Our filming services will make you realize the power of lens and our film-makers who have practiced to reach perfection. Our quality films will let you see life as it rewinds right in front of you. Become the one who is being repeated and reversed with tears of joy on film. Be the part of our magical extravaganza!

Wedding of a romantic couple



Farinaz and Kane is an extremely gorgeous and romantic couple. Their wedding was held at Tumbling Waters, South Coast of New South Wales. The wedding film starts with the breathtaking locales where the wedding of this couple took place. The blue skies and the gorgeous greenery look delightful.
We see both Farinaz and Kane getting ready. Kane looked really handsome in the navy blue tuxedo and Farinaz looked beautiful in the sleeveless white wedding gown. She let her hair open, cascading royally down to her waist. We see Kane reading a letter which has been sent by Farinaz on which it is written, “You are the best thing that has happened to my life.”
We see Farinaz walking down the aisle with her father and Kane looking at her with love in his eyes. Farinaz looked beautiful with the bouquet of white roses in her hand and a coy smile on her lips. Farinaz and Kane looked perfect with each other. The speech of Farniza’s father was extremely emotional. He advised the couple to open their hearts to each other. He said that may God bless the union of Farinaz and Kane and bring them the greatest of joy.
While exchanging wedding vows, Farinaz said that she is the luckiest girl on the earth to get Kane because Kane can see all her imperfections and yet love her for the person she is. Kane said that Farinaz has captivated his mind, captured his heart and fulfilled his dreams. With Farinaz by his side, Kane feels that time stands still for eternity. The guests as well as the couple became emotional while exchanging the beautiful wedding vows. Finally, they were declared husband and wife. They exchanged rings and kissed each other lovingly as the guests cheered up for them.
We can see Farinaz and Kane in some of the beautiful locales of their wedding venue. We see them kissing each other beside a water body and their shadows are lovingly cast in the water. They looked so romantic when they held hands.
The decoration of their wedding reception was gorgeous. The colorful lighting added beauty to the decoration. The wedding cake was pretty. The guests are seen enjoying and dancing at the reception of Farinaz and Kane.
When Farinaz and Kane dance in their reception, the temperature of the dance floor soars quite a bit because of their sizzling chemistry. Their dance of passion could convey how much they love each other. We would like to wish them a wonderful married life.